So…. What is Boudoir….?

People always say to me, so, boudoir…. Is that just lingerie photographs? And I always respond with no, its so much more than that! For one thing a boudoir shoot doesn’t have to be purely in lingerie. Yes, a lot of people do tend to have some of the photographs taken in their lingerie, but the main thing I try to tell people is wear whatever makes you feel sexy!! Its all about being confident in who you are. To some that is a pair of jeans & amazing shoes, others it is a lacy body suit. I’ve even had a couple of ladies wrap themselves in just a white bed sheet!

That’s the thing about the boudoir shoots that I create, its all about the woman in front of me & highlighting how amazing, confident and sexy she is. Sometimes it can take a little time to entice her true confidence out, but my main aim is not the beautiful photographs (though of course that is an added bonus.) Its for the women I work with to take away so much more – to see how stunning they are to everyone else, even if they don’t always see it themselves.

There is so much stigma as to how we should look & Boudoir is about celebrating everyone’s individuality, no matter what shape you are, all women are beautiful & sexy in their own way!

If you would like more information on your own Boudoir Experience contact us on [email protected] or alternatively 07708376533.


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