Generally, if women are self conscious of their body shape, they will do their very best to hide it. Usually by wearing loose fitting clothing or something that is very ordinary to look at.

However, I always say to my clients that properly fitted clothing is much more flattering to your body shape. By this I do not mean tight clothing. This can have the opposite effect & make you seem bigger. (Which I know a lot of you are worried about.)

Well fitted clothes accentuate your shape & help show off your curves, without making you look bigger or creating bulges. This is an easy way to help improve your  body awareness & body confidence.

Different body shapes will therefore have different styles that will be better suited for them. For example, I have more of an hourglass shape (bigger boobs & bum/hips) therefore something like a t-shirt dress could make me look very boxy with no shape. Whereas a wrap dress or a belted waist dress would accentuate my waist & giving me definition therefore creating more of a shape.

The same is the case when I talk lingerie with my clients. An example would be, a bodysuit would be a perfect way to give me an amazing shape without any bulges. It also hides my tummy which, similar to most women, can be an insecurity.

In contrast a baby doll - whilst it is very flattering across the tummy may in fact make me look bigger, due to the size of my hips & its floaty nature. Also finding one that correctly fits my boobs can be problematic.

A tip when looking at clothes for your boudoir experience would be pick clothes that make YOU feel amazing. Do not pick items purely because you think its what you SHOULD wear for a shoot. There are no firm rules on what you need to wear, its all about you & what you want to gain from the experience.

We all have our own shape, style & confidence - we need to play to that rather than feel pressured to look like the latest Instagram model.

If you would like more information on how to book your own boudoir experience please contact us on [email protected] or alternatively give us a call on 07708376533 & we can answer any questions you may have. You can also check out some of my boudoir beauties on Instagram.


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