Embrace yourself this year - instead of focusing what you don't like - enjoy what you have.

This time of year everyone is faced with lots of images of keep fit schemes and people wanting to change their bodies. Therefore i'm even more likely to have someone state they need to lose weight - I just want to say....embrace yourself! Your body is perfect just the way it is! Your body, no matter the shape, size or race is exactly that... Yours! You should not feel pressure to change it to what society states is 'normal'- It shows your journey... Maybe you have had a baby? You have had a hectic work life? It shows how you are right now!

Sometimes, if you want to do something, you have to just take the plunge, otherwise it will be 5 years down the line and you wont have done it and there will be another reason. You'll be saying - I should have done it earlier I'm now too old... (by the way you are never too old either!)
No matter what your size, you do not have to worry. I have many years of posing women of all shapes and sizes! With the right pose and beautiful natural lighting, I can make every woman feel like their confidence is through the roof, topped off with some truly beautiful portraits. You just need to embrace yourself & have some fun!

Alternatively you can use it as an incentive to lose the extra weight - one of my clients decided she would use it as an extra incentive to lose some weight before her holiday - we booked her session a month or so in advance so it gave her the extra nudge she needed. She lost the weight, had an amazing shoot and went on holiday having  gained an amazing amount of confidence as a result!


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