Clothes and lingerie are normally 2 of a girls favourite things (along with shoes...). So it was inevitable id start to gather a bit of a boudoir wardrobe for my beautiful ladies to choose from if they got a bit stuck on what to wear or alternatively if they wanted to try something a bit different.

I always encourage clients to bring their own lingerie and shoes as it is very difficult to have every size. (Especially when you are on location!) But I do have a box of tricks which has a few bits that can be added if required.

Here are 3 of my favourite items within a shoot:

For someone who likes a bit of lace - this is beautiful! I got this from Ebay & its one of my favourites - it can be shot without a bra (if your feeling brave) or alternatively you can keep them on & create a sexy contrast to the lace as well as highlighting stunning silhouette curves.


Another favourite of mine is this black cover up! This can be used to tease the viewer of what's underneath or a near complete cover up when your feeling a bit self conscious. Its great to play with & can be very versatile.

White shirts - you have most likely heard me speak about this one previously. A great way to do a shout out to your man by mimicking one of his shirts - dressed up or down this is a great way to create a very sexy look without necessarily having everything on show.

These are just 3 of the items I have in my boudoir wardrobe during a session. There are also plenty of other accessories that you are welcome to look through & choose from to complete your look.


If you would like more information about your own boudoir experience - please contact me on 07708376533 or [email protected].

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