Beauty is…..
About being comfortable in your own skin!!
In this current climate of social media, there are so many pressures to look a certain way or be a certain size in order to feel like you are beautiful & confident.
However, you can by definition - have the most beautiful person in the world & they are still lacking in confidence & feel uncomfortable within themselves.
Social media often depicts the illusion of perfect women with perfect bodies being the most confident when often the opposite is actually the case.
Part of a woman's beauty is their confidence & their smile - by enjoying yourself & accepting yourself as you are, you resonate with an energy which makes you more approachable & in turn more attractive (beautiful).
Every woman has their own journey & our bodies show the various scars that we have - both physically & otherwise. No other person has had that journey & because of this everyone is unique in themselves & their own own beauty.
Celebrate who you are - not who you feel you should be!!
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