Of course boudoir is an amazing gift for anyone to give their partner - its sensual intimate & beautiful. However, you do not have to be in a relationship to enjoy a boudoir experience. These sessions are as much a gift to yourself as they are for your significant other (if you have one.) They give you a chance to have some 'me time', a chance to truly be yourself or alternatively a safe place to try a side of yourself you have been wanting to explore. All the while being pampered by myself and my makeup team. The result is a fab day out, a lot of giggling and an amazing gallery of images for you to choose artwork from.
Whilst many photoshoots are great fun and the photographs are beautiful - the difference with boudoir is the overall experience doesn't end after the viewing / a lot of my clients have told me that their shoot has had lasting effect on their confidence and how they feel about themselves.
To me, that is the biggest gift i can give to my clients and i love knowing I've helped them in this way. So if you want to give yourself the gift of confidence filled photographs. Click here for more information or alternately please get in touch with me on [email protected] or 07708376533 for more information.