I love a white sheet!! :)

Why do I love white sheets?


White sheet photos are easily my favourite element of any boudoir shoot. Many of you are probably thinking, what is she talking about?!  White sheet photographs are when it’s just my client & a white sheet - that's it!

These images are completely about her, they are so incredibly sexy & sensual. However, throughout they feel at ease, as they are covered by the white sheet (to varying degrees depending on their confidence level. (I know all you lovely ladies have bits of you that you are not 100% confident about) These photos can really show off their curves & give the illusion of complete nudity (when most of the time they actually still have their knickers on)

They also give the opportunity to do some amazing 'beauty shots'. The white sheet/duvet & pillows give a clean background, meaning that the focus is purely on the subject - whether it's her eyes, lips or the curve of her body, their skin tone also stands out making an amazing image. (It also shows off the amazing hair & makeup that is included in the shoot).

These are usually some of my favourite shots to come out of the entire shoot. They are simple but striking, sexy but not baring all, they are also not restricted to being on a bed. I love having my client wrapped in the sheet by the window, this creates amazing shadows & highlights where the sheet is hugging her curves.

I get so excited when I go through these in editing! 🙂

So remember, sometimes all it takes is simplicity to create an amazing image. You don't need a whole load of props or even lots of different lingerie (even though that's always nice). All you need is yourself, a white sheet & a bit of natural light to get something absolutely stunning.


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