6 Tips for booking a boudoir photographer

Boudoir photography is gaining in popularity

Therefore there are a growing number of photographers that have boudoir packages available. So, I thought it would be helpful to put together a checklist of things to remember, when you are booking a boudoir photography experience.


Do they specialise in Boudoir photography?

As a general rule photographers that specialise in boudoir photography will have a wealth of experience & knowledge of how to pose & light all different body types in the most flattering way. So it is worth noting whether this is their specialism &/or what other photography they do.

Ask whether hair/makeup is included.

Even if you don't normally wear much makeup, I would recommend it for your photo shoot. Even a very natural look will enhance the final product - The added bonus of having your hair/makeup done is that it makes the day feel more special & it makes you feel more pampered and confident!

Be Comfortable!!

If you don't feel comfortable in the initial consultation with the photographer or you don't feel that particular person is the right fit, don't feel like you have to continue with the booking. These are very personal images & you need to feel at ease with the photographer & your surroundings.

Do you have the option for multiple changes or is it a single look session?

This is to help you decide what styles you would like from your session. If you have more than 1 look then you may want to use different clothing then if you were just having a single look.

Ask whether your images will be put online (especially if this is not something you are comfortable with).

Your photographer should give you the option to opt out of having your images put online publicly. Some use images on Facebook/Instagram or their website for advertising purposes with written content from the client. However, it is worth noting that some use online galleries to show their images. These tend to be password protected, so even though they appear online they are not readily accessible to others.

You do not have to be perfect!!

This experience is all about you & who you are, your body (and any scars) show exactly where you have come from. This is your journey & its important to remember that!


Finally once you have booked your amazing boudoir photographer.......

Embrace yourself & do not compare yourself to other people. I'm aware that's easier said than done obviously, but like the previous point mentioned everyone has their own journey & their own body to boot. So things that may suit one person may not suit another, so just enjoy yourself & what makes you feel amazing!!


If you would like more information about a boudoir experience, please get in touch: [email protected]

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