Riches family photograph

I have always loved photographs - from experimenting with film, to the memories, the stories & most of all the people. So many people shy away from the camera & having their photographs taken for a multitude of reasons. I'm not the right size... My hair isn't right. The people who truly care about you just want photos to be able to share and cherish forever. And not just on a hard drive somewhere - they want them printed and available for us to truly appreciate.

I for one in more recent years have realised how truly priceless a photo can be. I was always the one behind the camera taking photos of my family even from a young age. This means I have lots of my family, which is great but it also means that I have very few photos of me with my dad. Maybe because of this, those photos mean the world to me.

Due to the digital age we have so much access to imagery, but I don't think its as engrained in us how special a photo is until we don't have that person anymore. It is because of this I have begun to print photos again - especially making a point of doing so with photos from my phone. So often photos are left on your phone and forgotten, except for the occasional swipe through once in a blue moon. Having them printed makes them a more tangible item.

This is one of the reasons why my boudoir sessions I only have printed artwork & not digital products. I feel that a printed artwork is an extension your experience & that whenever you see it you are transported back to how you felt in that moment. Confident & sensual.

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