How shooting boudoir has actually helped me…..!

All of my clients comment on how different & confident they feel after a boudoir session. Sharing that journey with them is one of the favourite parts of my photography work. But what these ladies may not know, is that in following their journey, it has actually helped me as well - helping my confidence grow.

Firstly, in having these amazing women, with all their different journeys trusting me to capture them. At a time when generally they are at their most vulnerable & by that I don’t mean necessarily emotionally.No matter how confident you do or don’t feel about stepping in front of the camera – it’s a massive thing to do. Especially when they are intimate portraits like they are with boudoir. So, having that trust in me to take their photos means the world & gives me the confidence to show them how amazingly beautiful they all are. Regardless of their shape, size & background.

Also, it has given me more confidence in myself as a woman & how by taking control of your sexuality can be very freeing. (I’m not saying this means that I am constantly walking around in my underwear.) By seeing all these women enjoying themselves & choosing for themselves to capture a very personal, intimate moment. It actually gives me the courage not to just fade into the background.

I will fully admit I am not the most confident person when it comes to feeling sexy. However, I do firmly believe after working with all these lovely ladies that you should enjoy what you enjoy. If that’s some sexy underwear – you should treat yourself & enjoy how it makes you feel. Regardless if you have a partner or not, you can look & feel sexy & confident in your own skin. Everyone has inner beauty & confidence, you just need to tap into it! 😉

As I always say, Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear!!


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