Getting to know me :)

(One of many parts i'm sure....)

As many of you know in November i did #meetyourphotographer on Instagram & I thought I’d do a little blog to link in with it as I’ve realised I haven’t said much about myself generally or why I do photography before now. Also, it means any of you who don’t follow me on Instagram can know a bit about me as well. 🙂

I’ve always enjoyed taking photos & I wanted to share that love with others, for me there is nothing better than seeing client’s responses when I have captured something special & you love it (and even more if it helps you love yourself). Aside from photography I’m probably known best by my friends as a bundle of energy that needs to be kept active – I’ve been told that you can tell when I’ve been stuck inside all day! I love surfing & snowboarding even if I am the clumsiest person you have ever met, I give it a good go & occasionally I manage to make it work.

I have nearly always lived in Bedfordshire in villages in the countryside, aside from a few uni years in Chester, so I’m used to be surrounded by nature so where possible I like to use these places within my photographs. I have found that being within nature has a way of relaxing people & bringing out their personalities & playful side.

I’m a big kid at heart so when possible I try to do this with my clients as well (Who doesn’t like throwing autumn leaves at each other…..)       

If you don't already follow me on instagram my username is Riches_photography_bedford so take a look & let me know what you think 🙂

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