This January celebrate yourself! ;)

January is always a time where you see lots of people make new years resolutions. As a result you get bombarded by adverts saying new year – new you – start the year by going on this diet or start this training session or routine. Whilst it is great if you feel like that is how you want to start the new year, we should also remember that we should celebrate who we are & not feel forced to feel like, just because its January we need to change how we look or feel about ourselves.

We should celebrate ourselves & who we are inside & out. As I always say let your confidence shine & do what you need to be happy. However, I know this can be difficult with everything that life has to offer.

In my case I’ve realised I need to take time out just to have “me time”. Whether it’s a book, yoga or a swim. Just time where I can be me & away from all the pulls of technology. Which I’m sure everyone can relate to when I say I’ve realised quite how draining it can actually be – to be available/contactable 24/7.

Pamper time & me time. That’s what 2019 is focusing on for a personal level this year. Obviously I have other goals as well, but you wont be able to accomplish them if you are completely burnt out. Which if you’re not careful can happen quite easily. As they say you can't pour from an empty cup!

So in 2019 remember to take some time for yourself, to reconnect & recharge. 🙂


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