Why I love being a boudoir photographer

There are so many reasons why I love being a boudoir photographer, one of the key ones is seeing my client’s confidence grow throughout the shoot. No matter who you are, it can be very daunting coming into a boudoir shoot, everyone has their insecurities – parts of their body that they are not 100% happy with. As the shoot progresses its amazing to see all the women find their feet & find their sensuality & confidence, it all begins with their hair & makeup - something as simple as this can create a new found excitement & confidence, by having this done it makes you feel pampered which I personally love!

Another reason why I love boudoir photography is you guys! Your energy, your delight when you see your photographs – that realisation of yes I am beautiful & sexy, its amazing how everyone approaches their shoot so completely differently – even if the location is the same (which sometimes it is) its your personalities that shine through. Within the same shoot you can have bright airy images but then have contrasting dark & moody images – all of this is dictated by you & your personality.

There is so much negativity in the world especially with social media I think it is extremely important for us to pamper ourselves & have the opportunity to celebrate every aspect of ourselves. Yes as I have said previously we have elements that we aren’t so keen on but we shout be proud of our bodies & our individuality – as this is what makes us special & unique. We do not do this often enough! I have personally realised very recently that if we do not take the time to celebrate ourselves then we can only focus on the negatives which can affect not only our physical but our mental health as well!

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