Case Study: Rhian


Rhian, who I have known for many years, has struggled at various points with her confidence – so I knew a boudoir shoot would be perfect for her. Whist previous clients have used boudoir to mark a milestone, it can also act as an amazing confidence booster & Rhian was no exception.

Prior to the shoot, following our discussions, she took full advantage & brought some new outfits that she could wear, as well as some old favourites. This way she could feel comfortable in something she knew looked amazing, whilst having the excitement of having something new to show off. The day started with her hair & makeup being transformed. (Always makes you feel better when you have this done – feels like a bit of pampering!!) Which then led onto the shoot itself within the beautiful hotel room.  

By the end of the session we had gone through multiple different wardrobe changes & she told me that her confidence had sky rocketed, even though she was completely out of her comfort zone.
Together we created some beautiful, different images that Rhian was incredibly chuffed with. Including some amazing silhouettes, which she opted to have printed so she could display them in her home.

Confidence is a huge thing for anyone - it can affect the way you walk, talk & handle yourself. So when it comes to a boudoir session, it can become even more prominent due to the personal nature of the shoot. However, I have found that throughout a boudoir session you can see a woman’s confidence grow & flourish, so they leave the shoot a completely different person, which is amazing to be a part of.



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