6 Ways to make the most out of your Boudoir Experience

So you've taken the plunge & booked a boudoir session - You go girl!!

Here are a few things that i recommend my clients doing prior to a session so that they can make the most of it & enjoy it to the fullest!


  • Create a Pinterest board of styles/ poses/ overall looks that you would like & share it with me. Add as much variation as you like so I can see the themes you would like to work with.


  • Go lingerie shopping. Obviously this isn’t a necessity, however having something new to wear adds to the pampering element of the session. Also it means that if you are doing it for your other half they wont have seen you in it. Therefore adding an extra surprise to the proceedings.


  • Tidy up your nails & if you fancy it maybe get a manicure/pedicure to add to the pamper element to the shoot. Your hands especially can be a key focus in some of the photographs, so its nice to have them looking polished.


  • Drink plenty of water & have something light to eat in the morning! You don’t want to be feeling full if you are in your lingerie. However you do need something to give you the energy to be amazing!


  • Don’t be afraid to push your comfort zone! I'm not saying you have to completely strip off, as i do realise & understand that many of you will have hang ups. However, i do recommend you go with the flow of the shoot & if there’s anything you want to try just let me know & we can work it into the session.


  • RELAX!! I will talk you through everything throughout the shoot - posing, hand placement etc. Just have fun & don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself/ be sexy. This is the chance for you to be exactly how you want to be!!


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