The Importance of Self Care

Self Care is extremely important, especially in the current climate.

It is essential for all of us to take a step back, or stop to recharge and refuel our bodies and minds, so that we're able to function properly. It is because of how important I believe self care is, that I thought I'd give some ideas on what you can do, or put in place so that you can take some extra time for yourself.


Have a bath instead of shower.

Maybe include some candles and some of your favourite smelling bubbles. And you will definitely feel more relaxed. If you have some extra time, maybe take a book in with you as well. Just be careful not to drop it in the water. Then Following on from a lovely bath.......

Treat yourself with a facial or moisturisers to pamper your skin or do your nails.

Something that's a little bit of a treat or pampering that you either do very quickly, or don't normally have the time to do at all.

Yoga or stretching

Even if it's just 10 minutes when you first get up, or as a wind down before bed, you will reap the benefits of slowing down, clearing your mind and stretching your body. And contrary to what most non Yogi's think, you do not need to be super flexible to do it. Over time your muscles will begin to open up further, even with just 10-15 minutes a day. It doesn't need to be complicated poses. Just what your body needs, and is able to do. Just remember to listen to your body.


Curling up with a book is a great escapism. Whether it's a fact or fiction, you can lose yourself and forget about the day's troubles. I highly recommend, Anthony Middleton. The Fear bubble.


Obviously currently we are limited as to where we can go & how long for but a walk in the fresh air does wonders for your mental health! It gets you out of the confines of your house as well as giving you the beauty of nature! I have certainly found that I can hear a lot more birds and animals around near where i live, compared to what i'm used to. We should take full advantage of this whilst we can - and of course any sunshine that we manage to get! 🙂


Nope its not just for kids. Adult colouring books are becoming increasingly popular! Its a great way to zone out and not think about what is going on, all you need to focus on is what you are colouring. I personally find this very relaxing and a great way to switch off!


These are just a few ways that you can take some time out and give yourself a bit of self care. At the moment this is especially important with all the extra stresses that being in isolation or lock down brings.

Sending all my love to everyone - be safe and hopefully it wont be long before we resume normality. Xx