• The Journey of Boudoir
  • The Journey of Boudoir
  • The Journey of Boudoir


No matter what people say – Boudoir is a journey. Whether it is the confidence to say yes! I want to do this! Or the transformation that happens once you’re there. Some people use it as the next step in their journey to find themselves or signal the start of something new. I have had several clients that have used their session with me to mark a milestone.

Deb for example. A mother of 2 teenage kids, came to me just a few weeks after the breakdown of her marriage. She was feeling very low, her confidence has been hit from the separation, so she wanted something to make her feel pretty & confident again. As she told me afterwards – “It certainly did that!”

As with the majority of Boudoir shoots, she was a bundle of nervous energy when she first arrived. But as the morning went on she not only physically transformed, you could also see her relax & the excitement build. Even though we had a few tears before the shoot started. I’m pleased to say they were happy tears! She was delighted with the transformation. She very rarely wore makeup day to day & always used straighteners on her hair. So the subtly sexy makeup with the curls gave her a confidence boost leading into the shoot & onto her evening out.

Throughout the shoot I could see her come out of herself & try things that she had seemed unsure of previously. Seeing that growth in her confidence was priceless, once we were finished she was bouncy bubbly & eager to carry on.

So many people say, I don’t have the confidence/ figure to pull it off. Let me help bring out of you the confidence, the uniqueness & the beauty hidden within.

“It was definitely a bucket list day never to be forgotten, I can honestly say it was one of the best days I’ve had and met some lovely lovely people.”

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